Reuben Bros in Council battle

Apr 16th, 2013 | By | Category: House Key, Residence

Doubt Cast On Reuben brothers £2oom Piccadilly Home Due To Council Conflict

in & out picadilly

The Reuben brothers’ plans to convert the In and Out club in Piccadilly into the most expensive private home in London appear to be more out than in. The Billionaire brothers plans for the conversion include 11-bedrooms, nine-bathrooms, underground swimming pool,  an 85 ft ballroom and a 35,000-bottle wine cellar, no wonder property experts have estimated the value of the home to be around £200m. You will not find a property this size in this location, this fact will strengthen the Reuben brothers determination to see the plans receive the green light.

The issue of affordable homes is the reason why the Reuben brothers plans have been stalled, Westminster council will only accept plans if the Reuben brothers agree to build 23 affordable homes elsewhere in the borough or dig out £6.7m in the form of a contribution. The brothers have hit back saying they can only offer £1.8m as anything more than that amount will render the project commercially unviable, Westminister council have responded to this by saying “overall they are satisfied that their approach is robust”.

It is clear that a compromise must be reached sooner rather than later, the dilapidated state of the property means that work must be started soon before the condition worsens. Also a residential property on this site has potential to be one of the finest properties in the world and with vast amounts of foreign money being invested in London property the interest in this dwelling will be a strong one.

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