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Spot ‘Gaps’ In The Market – Gap House Identified A Great Way To Create Your Own Home

Pictures Courtesy of Nick Kane

For those who feel there is a lack of space to build on in London you may want to look a little closer and spot the gaps in the market. This is precisely what Luke Tozer of Pitman Tozer done; he literally spotted a 2.3m gap between two houses and built a great functional family home in it.

At a glance Gap House appears to be an extension of one of the adjoining properties, but on closer inspection you will see that it is an individual property and a remarkable one at that. As you enter the house you soon realise the narrow appearance of the front elevation is a mere illusion as the house opens up into a bright and open space. Gap House is an ideal example of how to utilise space and light on unusual shaped sites. Glass doors separate the living area from the courtyard, but once the doors are slid open a seamless transition from inside to outside is created, this then creates a larger living area and makes the property appear to be larger than one originally thought.

It is no surprise that Gap House won the RIBA Manser Medal in 2009, Michael Manser the founder of the Manser Medal said, “The design is one of impeccable detailing and simplicity in every respect”.

Natural light is not the only lighting utilised effectively, clever light insulations in the walls make the property bright but not in an overpowering sense. Apart from being a great example of design Gap House was also designed to be environmentally sustainable, estimated savings on heating are around £500 – £800 per annum.

Gap House highlighted that there is development opportunities in London but in places people would often disregard. As a buyer creating your own home may appear to be a viable option, you just need to be diligent and creative in your search for a potential site. As Gap House proved architects such as Pitman Tozer are more than capable of creating modern and well designed homes on unusual sites.

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