RBKC Not ‘Digging’ Basements

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Plans To Permanently Bury Multi-Storey Basements In Kensington And Chelsea

Basement Plans

Basement Plans

Basements in Kensington and Chelsea is a controversial subject, it is a tale of two groups of residents. You have one group who are eager to dig in order to add more square feet to their properties and the other half despise the thought of basement digging due to the inconvenience. In the latest twist to this basement battle Kensington and Chelsea council has stepped in, they have drafted rules that could see multi-storey basements banned.

New rules could restrict basements to one storey and put a stop to digging under listed buildings, rules will also limit how far a property can be extended under a garden. Basements in Kensington and Chelsea have become a very popular way of increasing space, in 2012 Kensington and Chelsea council received 307 applications for multi-storey basements.

The constant extravagance of basements is probably the reason for the clamp down, take Foxtons founder Jon Hunt his 22 metre deep basement proposal included a car lift, private Ferrari showroom, a tennis court, pool and a gym. Wealthy Canadian businessman David Graham received heavy opposition against plans to dig a four storey basement equipped with a swimming pool, spa, ballroom and 12 bedrooms. As you can see the basements being created in this part of London are not your average recreational room or guest bedroom.

However one must consider the view that these mega basements are a great way of extending a property in London and such homeowners are making the most of a property that no doubt cost millions to purchase. In a time where many say we are running out of space basements are a practical solution, however a property in Kensington Palace Gardens is not short of a square foot or two. Can a compromise be reached? In any case we have not heard the end of this basement battle in Kensington and Chelsea

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